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Second Tuesday Matching $5,000

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We are coming to the end of 2022 and we hope 2023 will be a better year for the animals everywhere. We continue to be at capacity with many wonderful adoptable dogs, and we now have several seniors with cancer or terminal illness that will be living their life out at the sanctuary. Our monthly expenses for taking care of the dogs keeps increasing as adoptions are down this year from previous years which sadly is the national trend.

Projects continue at the farm, The secure fencing around the 5 acres is now complete so we can keep everyone safely in and let them run around in play groups, we have added 3 kennel buildings and have plans to add at least one more.
With adoptions at a stand still and monetary donations being lighter than years past we ask that you take a look and see if you can continue to support your community animal rescue “Lovable Paws Rescue and Sanctuary” With the expansion of the farm a year under our belt we have had a lot of expenses that are on credit cards and now it is time to pay those down so we can look at the next phase of the expansion.